I provide bespoke training delivered one-to-one in your home or live online.

Training at home I can travel to your home and spend time with you while you use your own computer. This if often desirable as no two machines are ever set up in exactly the same way, plus it allows you to learn on a computer you are already familiar with.

With Covid-19 restrictions changing weekly training at home is not always possible, however should you wish to use this option and providing it is within the bounds of the law, I would be happy to proceed with a face-to-face session.

Depending on where you live there may be a charge for travelling to your location. Please see the Prices page for more details.

Training live online Training delivered live online is done using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You must have broadband at home to use this option. You will also need to either wear a headset or turn the volume up on your computer. If you have a PC please note some do not have speakers built in.

How it works For online training I create an online meeting then email you a link with instructions. On the day of the training you open the email, click the link and follow the instructions to join the meeting. I then share my screen with you and we decided what to do next at that point.

If you have never used an online system before do not worry – it is very simple and I will talk you though exactly what to do over the phone!

Bespoke one-to-one training is ideal of you want to know about one specific area such as internet security, or about a specific application such as Microsoft Excel. It is also suitable of you want to learn about new technologies such as using Microsoft 365 at home and how it links to OneDrive.

Speed training is conducted at your own pace and in as much detail as you require. It is your training session and accuracy is far more important than speed.

Time sessions sometimes over-run slightly to allow me to finish the topic we are working on. Under normal circumstances there is no charge for this.

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