Providing computer training for a business is a lot more than simply imparting knowledge.

There is a need to communicate, consult and inform staff of the what, where, why and how.

I can engage with your team to keep them updated, gather their feedback, deliver the training and provide post-training support.

Existing Software You may find improving efficiencies and increasing profit is a lot simpler than you think. Many firms invest in software, provide their staff with basic training, then fail to exploit the full potential the software has to offer. It tends to only be utilised where it meets the needs of the existing process.

I can help you gain maximum benefit from your existing generic software in three ways:

  • I can work with you to examine your basic business processes and identify how your generic software can be used more effectively. In the areas of document management and document templates for example.
  • I can empower your staff with the knowledge and confidence they need to change the way they work
  • I can support staff in the period after process change to solve problems, gather feedback and liaise with the firm

I have significant experience of changing processes within a business environment which have been designed to take advantage of existing software.

New Software I can provide guidance, training and support with new generic software, particularly Microsoft 365, SharePoint 365, OneDrive for Business and Teams. These four cloud based products offer a significant opportunity to streamline processes and reduce time and costs.

Training and Information If you simply want to upskill your teams Microsoft Office skills or learn what 365 technologies are please get in touch.

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